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1-1/2" DIY Extended Range Closed Belt Loops

Price: $2.99

Quantity Available: 200 in stock
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Min. order 12

Now you can add the finest, strongest belt loops available to your project or products.  These loops come in 1.5” and 1.75" sizes. Thanks to the extended "tab" design the hole spacing is 2" center to center while maintaining similar dimensions to our standard closed loops.

If you are currently using Kydex for your belt loops, you will really appreciate these loops.  Not only will they save you time and money over making your own belt loops they are safer and functionally superior to Kydex in every way.  Kydex belt loops, even .125, will eventually break.  While the impact resistance of Kydex is excellent, it is subtle flexing over time that will break a Kydex belt loop.  Just like bending a paper clip a little bit back and forth will eventually cause a failure, so too with Kydex loops.  These polymer loops are also slightly more flexible than Kydex which allows them to bend and move with your body and not translate that force into the Kydex shell thus increasing the life of the product as well.  At the price we’re able to offer these loops; there is no reason to continue using Kydex for belt loops.

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