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ON TARGET - Pro Mold - G19 Gen 4 w/TLR-7

Price: $66.99

ESTIMATED: 10-20 business days (M-F) shipping time

Maker Note:  This mold is molded off of the G19/23 Gen 4 so it will accept a wider variety of generations 1-4. If the holster maker wants it to work for the Gen 5 you will have to add the blocking for the ambi slide release. 

Molds will break if over pressed, warranty will only cover defects in manufacturing not damage due to over pressing the mold.

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HMC* Pro Series Weapon Molds …

  • Material is consists of a 25% Aluminum filled Urethane Resin
  • Has a Higher Temp Rating
  • Able to withstand Higher Pressure
  • “Holster Prepped”
  • Ejection Port Blocked Out
  • Flattened Out Site
  • Channel In & Trigger Guard Area
  • Great for Leather and/or Kydex Holster Makers
  • Having the gun already prepped will cut out much time and aggravation, allowing the holster maker to be more efficient.
  • Some models are available “Natural” or “Prepped”.
    • Natural – NO special embellishments. These are good for test fitting and
      also for the leather holster making.
    • Prepped – WITH special embellishments for Kydex holsters.
  • *Holster Mold Compatible

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