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You can pay with PayPal (includes credit/debit cards) or manually process credit cards.  International customer can only pay with PayPal.  
PLEASE NOTE: Customer Shipping/Billing Addresses via Paypal :  On orders made with Paypal only the billing address is transmitted from Paypal to the store
and is used as the delivery address. This may cause some problems if you would like to ship to a different address. There is a warning
about shipping addresses which appears on the Paypal site when you are taken there for payment, but it may be overlooked.  Paypal will only provide
one address to the store during the transaction.


By making a purchase from BLUEGUN STORE the customer represents that the product purchased will be used in only a lawful manner and that he or
she is of legal age to purchase and posses such items. By purchasing or ordering any item, you represent that you are of legal age, and agree that you 
will take full responsibility for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and other restrictions.  When you purchase any item 
from BLUEGUN STORE you are agreeing that you know and understand that you are assuming all responsibility for any injuries resulting from the use of 
that item. You are also agreeing that BLUEGUN STORE will not be held liable for any misuse or accidents resulting from the use of any item purchased.


Glock restricts the sale of Glock Blueguns to the Public. We are restricted to selling Glock Blueguns to the Police, Military, Trainers, Police Distributors, or
Holster Manufacturers. We ask that our customers abide by these rules and refrain from offering Glock Blueguns to the Public on the Internet, Publications 
or General Catalogs. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support.


If you do not want to be added to our store email list please indicate during checkout. 


We are not responsible for any typographical errors that may be posted on this site. In the event an error is discovered we will make every effort to offer a fair resolution.


Customers who reside in the State of North Carolina will be charged sales tax at the percentage set by state law.  We respect your privacy.
 Any and all information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties or reused without your permission.  Any information you give to us will be held with care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to.


 See detailed information in FAQ.


It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a correct shipping address. Unless requested otherwise items will be shipped to the address 
listed with PayPal. No refunds can be given due to an incorrect shipping address.  PLEASE NOTE: Customer Shipping/Billing Addresses via Paypal Express On orders made with Paypal Express, especially when using the express button which bypasses the checkout of the store, only the billing address is transmitted from Paypal to the store and is used as the delivery address. This may cause some problems if the you would like to ship to adifferent address. There is a warning about shipping addresses which appears on the Paypal site when you are taken there for payment, but it may beoverlooked.  Paypal Express will only .provide one address to the store during the transaction.  
It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm a shipment of Blueguns can be shipped to your home country; we will not give refunds for shipping in error.  Free shipping only applies to the lower 48 US states excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other US territories. 
Shipment can be made US territories but may require the customer to pay some extra shipping cost.  We will contact you if you are affected.


No refunds or replacement items will be given unless insurance is purchased.  You must purchase or request insurance before you process payment to be 
covered.  If ordering by email insurance must be requested or you will not be invoiced or covered with insurance.  If you purchased insurance you can 
receive a refund or replacement items after 7 days from when you notified us of an issue.


If your items are lost / damaged or for some reason you are not satisfied with a product you have purchased contact us within 7 days.  No refunds or 
replacements will be given on lost, damaged, or unwanted items unless you contact us within the 7 days.  The item must be returned in the same condition 
as received to get a full refund. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees and will be subtracted out of the total refund if free shipping was given at purchase. 
If a credit card / PayPal was used for payment then the credit card / PayPal will be used to process the refund; could take up to 5 days for the funds to show in the
account.  A 30% restocking fee may apply.   No refunds will be given for personalized items.  Click here to download Return Form. 

Bussiness/Tax Forms

Click here to download a copy of our business/tax forms

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