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We partner with the below shipping service to handle our international shipments.  Click on the banner below to check out what they offer; with our free shipping and their low fees you can't go wrong.

1. Contact Shipito by clicking the link below and open an account with them
2.  Choose a USA Shipito address that is NOT located in California
3.  Use your USA shipping address provided by Shipito to process an order on our site
4.  We will ship your order to the USA address you provide during checkout for free
5.  Shipito will receive the shipment from us and ship it international to you
6.  You will be able to use this same shipito address for future orders.

You must only use FedEx as your carrier and choose a Shipito USA address that is not located in California in order to get your item the quickest.

If you want your full order shipping in one shipment please indicate in the notes section of your order
. Otherwise we will ship what we have on hand immediately and the rest in another shipment.  Depending on what account you choose this could be an issue unless we know as you order.  

If you are shipping gun molds you must only refer to them as "Holster Tools" which is the intended use.  
You should also only list them as "Holster Tools" on any shipping related documents,
in your Shipito account, or conversations with customer service representatives otherwise Shipito considers them weapons.  

Many continue to refuse to consider inert guns used for holster making anything other than a weapon and will refuse to ship them which is far from accurate. 

**If you fail to follow these recommendations our cost to ship them will be deducted from your refund if items are returned.**

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