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Ka-Bar Small TDI Knife Sheath Mold

Price: Starting at $119.00

ESTIMATED: 2-3 Weeks Shipping Time
ESTIMATED: 2-3 Weeks Shipping Time

ESTIMATED: 2-3 Weeks Shipping Time

All our molds are hand-designed, 3D-modeled, then precision-cut in house on our CNC machines. This ensures each mold is made to our exact specifications and held to our same high-quality-control standards.
  • This mold is the one we developed for our very popular Ka-Bar Small TDI Sheaths.
  • Constructed of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Mold features raised drill indicators for eyelets spaced on .75" centers.
  • As with all my molds it features a raised border that is exactly .25" over sized from the final shape of the sheath.
  • Adding the Router Trim Jig option is recommended to help deliver consistent results, reduce time, and the margin of error significantly. Need an additional Router Trim Jig? 
  • Due to the small size, the trim jigs are a combination trim.  Each side of the sheath requires two position setups on the trim jig to get the final shape. 
  • The trim jigs feature locating tabs on the bottom two eyelet holes, and two threaded inserts at the top to secure it. 
  • Coming straight off the trim jig the retention is set extremely firm.  This can be lightened if desired during the edge finishing step.
  • Creates a sheath with easy and fast removal with no harnesses or straps needed to secure your TDI in the sheath because of the snug fit.
  • Designed for IWB (inside the waistband) carry
  • Ambidextrous

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